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Car Battery Terminals

As every car owner knows, there are three primary keys to maximizing the enjoyment of car ownership. These are: proper maintenance; proper cleaning; and emergency preparedness.

Regarding the last point, battery terminals are of vital importance in the car's ignition system. They also can become corroded quickly. Damaged or corroded car battery terminals can prevent the vehicle from starting, but replacing them is an easy, quick and inexpensive process. Shoppers can find the traditional nickel-plated type, or choose the red and black battery terminals that are color-coded for negative and positive.

Handy Car Detailing Brushes

Anyone who has ever tried to clean those hard-to-reach tiny spaces on an automobile dash knows how difficult a task it can be to do the job properly. Car detailing brushes can make the job go faster while providing superior results. A fluffy duster on one end helps collect dust, while the small brush on the other end is perfect for sweeping particles out of even the tiniest crevices.

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Color Coded Battery Terminals Auto Detailing Brush Post Battery Terminals
Color Coded Battery Terminals
Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Our Price: $8.50
Auto Detailing Brush
Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Our Price: $6.98
Post Battery Terminals
Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Our Price: $6.95
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